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       1200 tonnes delivered this week, 150 tonnes available to collect next week from Buxton.


250 tons available for delivery right now!



Pure Brown Rock Salt:

Brown Rock Salt is a mined salt derived from the UK’s main mine based in Cheshire and all our brown rock salt is sourced from here. Having our depot located close to the mine means we can offer highly competitive pricing.

Certified for use on all UK roads, and is as such the same salt used by the Highways Agency and nearly all local councils.

BS4327 certificate so you can be assured you will receive a top quality product.

Pure White Rock Salt:

Our white de-icing salt is sourced directly from our long standing suppliers in Egypt. This salt is formed when sea water is evaporated on the salt plains, and then leaves thousands of tonnes of raw white salt behind.

The main advantage of white rock salt is that it leaves very little residue behind in relation to the brown rock salt (which leaves a little). Organisations where cleanliness is an issue or locations where a lot of people will be walking salt inside, then this salt can be a useful alternative to brown.


All of our salt can be delivered in loose tipper loads, 1000kg bulk bags or 25kg bags. All palletised goods use extra strength pallets, all stretch wrapped, with salt arriving in high quality bags, with instructions on usage and spreading on the bag. We can also place the rock salt in your own brand for extra corporate identity.

Quality Checking:

All of our rock salt is quality checked by our onsite Operations Manager before being sent out to ensure only the best quality rock salt is delivered. If you wish to receive a sample of our Pure Rock Salt, please let us know.


  • The composition by weight is 39.4% sodium and 60.6% chlorine.
  • Pure sodium chloride is a colourless crystalline solid.
  • Melting point 802 C
  • Boiling point 1413 C
  • Density of crystalline solid at 20 C 2.165g/cc
  • Vapour pressure 2.4mm Hg at 747 C
  • Contains no water of crystallisation
  • Absorbs moisture from damp atmospheres above 75% relative humidity.
  • Does not react with alkalis at ordinary temperatures.
  • Reacts with strong sulphuric acid or nitric acid to give hydrogen chloride gas.
  • Under wet conditions, can corrode many common metals, particularly iron, aluminium and zinc. Stainless steel and monel resist attack.
  • Salt has a preservative effect on timber.
  • Salt can be treated with part per million levels on a non-toxic anti-caking additive.
  • Pure Dried Vacuum, White Rock and Marine salt contains about 99% sodium chloride.